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 Services & Pricing

Healing Therapies

Therapeutic Evaluation & Bodywork

Motor Control, Coordination & Function-Making Connections

Kinesio Taping

 Muscle Support

Kinesio Taping sessions include an assessment of a problematic area and correct application of RockTape®.  Taping can help to enhance performance, decrease pain, relax tight muscles, and facilitate underactive muscles. It can also be applied to help with swelling and inflammation as well as subcutaneous bruising and scar tissue remodeling.  Application is key!



NeuroKinetic Therapy®

NueroKinetic Therapy® or NKT® is a corrective movement system based on Motor Control Theory.  It is a way to assess for compensations which can lead to faulty movement patterns, uncoordinated muscles and eventually pain, in specific areas or throughout the body. 
Utilizing Manual Muscle Testing, I will assesses for muscle connection, strength and function.  Then, compromised tissues and structures are addressed using several massage techniques, including myofascial release, trigger point work, deep tissue massage, PNF, as well as energy techniques with breathing.
These interactive sessions involve client participation (Getting on & off the table to walk, move, integrate & challenge corrections made), to discover and reverse problematic movement patterns which we develop over our lifetime.  These patterns can be related to injuries, surgeries, traumatic events, and the scars from them.  These treatments are specific to the individual, utilizing their history to guide the session.
Self care is then discussed, to empower the client, to continue the therapeutic process toward healing in between sessions.

Several Therapeutic Massage techniques will be utilized during Therapeutic Evaluation & Bodywork sessions to release facilitated or upregulated tissue.  Tissues to be released are identified, during NKT testing, to be in a compensatory relationship.  When releasing muscles and structures, it is important that the body doesn't feel like it is losing stability or it will likely increase the tension again in the structures you are trying to release.  The brain is likely trying to protect you by splinting or stabilizing a weakened or compromised area due to faulty movement patterns or compensations due to injury, accident, overuse, surgery (recent or even very long ago), stress or other factors affecting the body.

Relaxation Massage

Back to Balance

60 and 90 minute Relaxation Sessions are offered to help with de-stressing and to help the body return to homeostasis (stable equilibrium).  These are NOT deep tissue sessions.  Light to moderate touch is used with pressure that is comfortable to the individual. This will bring you into deep relaxation & soothe the nervous system.



Treatment Pricing


Therapeutic Evaluation & Bodywork

Relieve Pain

60 Minutes $125


 90 Minutes   $165


Relaxation Massage

Balance and Relax

60 Minutes  $100

90 Minutes  $140


Kinesio Taping RockTape®

Muscle Support

30 Minutes-Evaluation and Taping  $50

Taping Add-On w/treatment


*Prices subject to change

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