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2021- The New Me and the Not So New Me

Starting this new year, I am recovering. I am growing. I am strengthening. I am connecting, not only with myself, but with others in my life. I am BREATHING! I am starting a healing journey in which I am part way through, but realize there is still a long way to go. I need the help of others along the way. I need the encouragement, the routine, the support. I need the will and the discipline to get through the daily struggle. Fighting with my mind, the "I don't feel like it" moments, when I need a kick in the ass to get it done.

This is struggle between the old and the new me. The old keeps creeping in, holding me back. I set up obstacles for myself and self sabotage. The new me is going to try really hard to be better, work harder, get out of my comfort zone more often. Set and achieve goals so they may be reached.

I am looking forward to the changes, but need to make sure I don't beat myself up for the setbacks. One day at a time. Small steps, until I'm ready to take the LEAP!

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